Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Henry Hoover

We blew up our vacuum cleaner recently, so much for all singing, all dancing, so we had been relying on an el cheapo supermarket branded piece of crap for the vacuuming at home. It was at best poor, to say the least. So last week I bit the bullet and bought a Henry.

Now Henry is nothing fancy, but everybody knows the Henry brand. It doesn't pretend to be anything that it isn't. It isn't even bagless for heavens sake, but then again whats so good about bagless? Its messy, there are too many filters to clean, it loses suction at the drop of a hat, the list is endless. With Henry simply wait whilst the Hepa filtered bag is full, which at 9kg capacity will be some time, and then simply take it out of the machine and throw it in the bin. Job done, no mess, no fuss and most importantly no loss of suction.

For all of his good sides there is one downfall mind. He's bloody heavy. At 8.5kg he is a bit of an unwieldy beast and not the easiest to carry up and down stairs but we will forgive him that one small flaw. Luckily the hose is long enough to do the stairs from either the top or bottom landing so no need to perch him mid flight.

We were lucky to find an old stock 1200 watt Henry as the new ones are now 580 watt, apparently some new EU regulation means that vacumm cleaners now have to be lower powered. The one we bought was an old stock higher powered variant which was one of the reasons we bought one now rather than plodding on with the old useless supermarket vacuum cleaner.

One last bonus with Henry is that Liam now seems interested in vacuuming. If I had known all it would take would be to get a vacumm with a face and then Liam would use it, I would have got one years ago!

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  1. Congratulations on buying a Henry. While they are simple, they seem to get the job done well. Every once in a while clean out underneath the vacuum and you will have less trouble with it stopping up. Of course, you might encourage Lenny to do that since the vaccuum now belongs to her.