Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumnal Cruising

Well it looks like we have chosen the week for our last holiday on board for 2014, when the autumn and winter storms start arriving. Lucky us!

After a warm, dry summer the weather had to break at some point, but why next week?

Oh well we shall make the most of whatever weather is thrown at us. We are at least heading inland so our cruising isn't quite so weather dependent as when we head out onto the coast. Never the less Saturday's run upstream on the Trent to Cromwell Lock and later onto the Muskham Ferry pub don't look set to be the most pleasant with heavy rain and moderate winds in the forecast. Mind you a bit of rain wont go amiss on the Trent at the moment.

We got Naughty-Cal ready for her trip last weekend. We topped up the fuel with an extra 60 litres. We wont be leaving will a full tank, it's just a shade over two thirds full, but we wont need a full tank for pottering about on the river. We also filled up the water tank so we will leave with a full tank for showers on Friday night on the way down to Torksey and on Saturday morning when we arrive at Cromwell, no doubt wet and bedraggled.

We also treated Naughty-Cal to a good scrub inside and out. The mattresses were refitted along with some fresh bedding, that's all of the interior upholstery now washed, scrubbed and cleaned for this year, and the interior woodwork was all polished and cleaned. In the cockpit we gave it a good rinse to remove the dust and grime and the vinyl was treated to a good scrub with magic sponge and EVM to get it gleaming white again. The biggest shock was the colour of the water running off the exterior when we washed and waxed it. It was filthy, with black streaks streaming down the hull sides. Hopefully some time soon they will have finished building work at the marina and we can get back to a relatively dust free environment.

So we are ready to go tomorrow. As soon as we get to the marina, we will load our gear and beer on board and set sail into the sunset for the first leg of the trip from Burton Waters to Torksey where hopefully there will be a couple of steak pies in the White Swan waiting with our name on them.

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