Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Holidays are Coming.

Its almost time for our first proper holiday of 2104. Our annual trip to Wells next the Sea on the North Norfolk coast.

Its a trip we have done many times now but Wells holds a special place in our hearts and we never tire of pulling into port, clambering over the bar, rounding the lifeboat house and seeing the harbour open out in front of you. Such a welcoming sight.

We have just one weekend left now to get Naughty-Cal ready for her first extended break of the year. On saturday we need to go and pick up some diesel to top up her tank, 60 litres should do the trick as she has been quite frugal so far this year. Then we need to drop off the bikes at our friends house for the week, we didnt think leaving them on the bow on the sea would be such a good idea!

Finally its a big clean up and declutter. Everything that is not necessary will be taken off the boat. Why carry excess weight around? With Naughty-Cal cleaned its time to turn our attention to the dinghy. The bottom needs a good scrub and then it needs putting on the davits for its sea trip across the Wash.

This holiday seemed so far away even just a few short months ago, yet now here we are just a week or so away from the off. I cant wait.

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