Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Battery Update 2014 - Part 2

Our domestic batteries let us down once again over the May bank holiday weekend. So we took the decision to change them before we set out on any holidays for the year. Oddly with very similar usage the weekend just gone they performed just fine but we have changed them anyway now. The old ones have been donated to a friend who has shot batteries.

As we have been happy with the Varta batteries we replaced them with another pair of 105 amp Varta batteries this time from the” Professional” Varta range. Hopefully these will perform just as well as the last lot. To be fair we could probably have limped through the rest of this summer with the old batteries but it didn’t seem worth the hassle and the worry for the sake of £155. We would rather replace them and know we will have plenty of power at our disposal for our summer holidays.

The plan is to now also buy and install an 1800 watt inverter when we get back from Wells next the Sea in a couple of weeks, mainly to heat the water if we are staying in the same place for a couple of days but also to boil our small electric kettle when we are on the move. We would still use the gas kettle if mooring in the same spot for a while but it seems daft using the hob when the engine is running to propel us along anyway. We think we have narrowed the search down to the Sterling 1800 watt unit with remote control.

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