Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Shooting,Eating and New Arrivals

Its been a busy sort of few days what with one thing and another.

Friday saw us heading off to Elsham for a spot of paintballing. We arrived in plenty of time to eye up the opponents and were pleasantly surpised when it turned out to be a coach load of 13 year olds. Where else can you legally shoot them? After a four hour session we had all had enough and head off in search of liquid refreshment to ease the pain of our wounds.

Saturday heralded the arrival of our friends new boat. They have been boatless since our trip to York. Needless to say we wet the babies head before heading out for a meal in Lincoln. We can highly recommend Ginos by the castle, we were spoiled with excellent food and equally excellent service. Certainly we will be going again.

Nursing hangovers we rose on Sunday to a spot of boat cleaning. Poor old Naughty-Cal was looking a little grubby but we quickly had her looking ship shape again and within an hour we were out of the marina following Bounarys Vice on her maiden voyage in the hands of her new owners. It was a quick trip into Lincoln but still memorable for our friends.

Sunday afternoon saw us head off home. The washing machine was to be delivered between 7am and 10am on Monday morning so we had to head home. It was strange spending Sunday evening at home instead of afloat, but we made the most of it with a lovely toad in the hole washed down with a few cans of Budweiser for good measure.

The starship Hotpoint is now plumbed in and is proving to be a much better machine than the one it has replaced, although it needs a Phd to work it out at the moment and we somehow managed to set the language to Italian, however we have sorted that out now.

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