Monday, 22 November 2010

The cold weather beckons

After a relatively mild end to Autumn and start to Winter the cold weather is due to start in earnest later this week.

With this in mind we were extra careful to ensure Naughty-Cal was tucked up safely, with the heaters set and the water drained from taps with the taps left open.

We also did a quick check of friends boats and ensured they have an adequate supply of credit on their electricity bollards. Dont want them running out.

We love boating when the snow is falling and a crust of ice forms on the waters surface, but it does have its added dangers. Wooden pontoons become very slippery, GRP decks become like sheets of ice and cold fingers make hard work of the ropes. Still it is a small price to pay for quiet waterways, stunning scenery and lots of peace and quiet. If the weather forecasts are correct we will have a very seasonal weekend to come. I cant wait......

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