Monday 29 June 2020

Ticking Them Off

We only had a fleeting visit to the boat on Saturday morning. We wanted to get a few little jobs sorted out and get some supplies loaded onboard ready for our week off next week. It is surprising how much beer the lockers beneath the saloon seating can swallow up. With it still being unclear just which shops, pubs and restaurants will be open we are making sure that we take plenty of supplies with us for the trip.

We managed to get a few little jobs ticked off the list. The water tanked was flushed through again. We are happy that the water system is now clean and safe for drinking. The VHF aerial was rewired and new connectors fitted. We appear to have an electrical fault with the white forward and rear facing navigation lights. We will have a closer inspection of this when we get back. But it may be that this needs rewiring.

The service parts for the Webasto heating have arrived so we are hoping to get this rebuilt and back on the boat on Wednesday evening. With a bit of luck this should see it working again. We don't really need the heating at this time of year but it does come in handy for drying out wet clothing should we get caught out in the rain.

We also have a new USB socket for the dashboard as the previous one has now failed. But we forgot to take this to the boat with us on Saturday. This is only a two minute job to change though so we will do it somewhere along the way.

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