Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Time to Get Started

This lovely early spring time weather we are being treated too has put us back into a boating mood. It is time for us to get Naughty-Cal back into the water again.

The full list of jobs we had planned to get finished at home isn't quite there but most of the jobs are jobs we can do in the evening after work.

So we are busy planning what we need to do on the boat. This weekend the plan is to survey the situation and decide what jobs we really have to do while she is out this year. Now bearing in mind that Naughty-Cal has a quiet year in store this year we are not going to go to the full extent that we had initially intended. But we will be doing all of the important jobs.

This weekend we will be draining the oil from the outdrive and removing the shafts so that we can take them back to Sheffield to replace the oil seals. And we will be fitting the new transducer to the transom, drilling the hole for the wiring to thread through into the engine bay, fitting the cable gland and positioning the sonar module in the engine bay.

We will also be making a list of all of the parts I need to order next week to get the job finished and the boat back where she belongs in the wet stuff.

Naughty-Cal has had a well earned break now. But I'm sure she will be glad to get back in the water and back on the move again.

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