Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Count Down Commences

The count down commences to our first holiday of the year at Easter. It is just eight weeks today that we shall set off towards Belgium and our first hire boat holiday of the year.

We have changed our cruising plans somewhat for this cruise as we had initially intended to cruise to Brugges and Ghent but due to the holiday closures of bridges and locks we have decided instead to head in the opposite direction and cruise the gentle waters of the Flanders region instead. 

A landscape once torn apart by the violence of world war with reminders all along the route of the lives lost to enable us our freedom. The highlight of the cruise for us will be the crossing of the Ganzenpoot, the Goosefoot. A meeting of five waterways which played such a major role in the slowing of the enemy advance by flooding many hundreds of acres of land. Today the sluices maintain water levels for navigation and flood prevention measures of course.

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