Thursday 13 October 2016

Cornwall 2016 - Part 4

Day Six

 Lovely blue skies.

 Quiet beach.

 Surfs up.

 Crystal clear rock pools.

 Caves in the cliffs.

 Pretty beach scene.

 High above the beach.

Day Seven
Charlestown and Hemmick

 Charlestown Maritime Museum

 In the clay caves.

 Looking our over the harbour.

 Gas piece.

 Fancy diving in that?

 The tides in today. The picture doesn't show just how lumpy it was in harbour. Would have been like being in a washing machine waiting to enter the dock!

 The beach at Charlestown.

 Down the hill to Hemmick.

 Hemmick beach.

 A lovely deserted beach.

 Stunning Cornish Seas.

 Rock falls.

 The tide is coming in.

 Rocks to catch out the unwary.

 Back to the lodge.

Day Eight
Home Time

 Our last time on the Cornish back roads.

 One last look at the sea.

 That's not home! No we got distracted by a road sign for Lincoln and thought why not?

An unscheduled night out in Lincoln.


  1. Sounds like it was a good holiday in a lovely place.

  2. It was a nice relaxing break despite all of the driving. Our first proper non boaty holiday for almost eight years! It made a lovely change.