Monday 17 October 2016

A Mixed Bag

What a great weekend we had, the weather might not have always been great, but it was certainly better then forecast. 

Saturday was a mixture of mist and bright sunshine. The day dawned very misty but by the time we had sorted ourselves out and were ready to head through the lock the sun had broken through and burnt the mist off leaving long spells of lovely hazy sunshine. Perfect for a run up river.

By the time we had moored at Dunham Bridge for a few hours the mist had started to draw in again and looked set to defeat the sunshine but that didn't stop us from walking into the village for a couple of afternoon drinks. First stop the refurbished Bridge Inn which is a strange mix of cafe, tea room and pub which doesn't really work so it was only a quick one in there before moving on to the White Swan further along the road.

With a few pints inside us it was time to head back to the boats and start thinking about moving on to High Marnham. It was by now pretty low water and there will still plenty of fisher folk lining the banks so it was a steady cruise to the ski club moorings and on to the pub where we enjoyed a cracking evening with good food and good company.

Sunday was a far wetter day. We awoke to the sound of rain hammering on the roof, so both rolled over and had another hour or so in bed. No rush to get up today as the tide wouldn't turn until about 11am. Eventually however we did have to get up and still beneath heavy rain we untied and cast off heading towards Torksey on a dull, damp and dreary day. Back up through the lock we briefly stopped for breakfast and coffee in the tea rooms before steadily cruising back up river with a pair of lamb shanks slowly bubbling away in the slow cooker in a mint and onion gravy.

Once settled back on our mooring it was time to kick back and relax with a few beers waiting for dinner to cook through, and what a dinner it was. Well worth the wait and a nice way to end a great weekend.

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