Friday 3 August 2012

Another Weekend Afloat

So another weekend is upon us and this year really does seem to be flying by. Already we are at the beginning of August and it won’t be long before we are heading out on our final weeks holiday for 2012 at the end of this month.

This weekend promises to be another good one, with Friday evening spent in Lincoln Boat Club having a few beers and a few games of pool. Later we will either moor on the Lincoln visitor moorings or anchor in Brayford Pool overnight depending on how our mood takes us and what the weather is deciding to do. If it is blowing a little we will moor up as the anchor can and often does drag in the deep layer of rotting vegetation on the bed of the pool which provides little in the way of holding for a Delta anchor.

On Saturday we plan to do a spot of food shopping in Lincoln markets before chilling out on the Waterside Centre moorings and watching the city go about its daily grind. We may have friends from Goole coming up to join us for the weekend depending what the weather has in store. If the weather holds we will have a BBQ but if not we will have plenty of good food to choose from to rustle up a fine meal on board. 

Depending on how our mood takes us we may stay in Lincoln for the evening or head back to the marina. We won’t be venturing too far this weekend as my ankle is still very sore from last week’s incident but we may spend the evening away from our mooring for a change. Who knows?

With the boat serviced last weekend we can have a relaxing Sunday this weekend. With not a lot to do other than have a final check that everything is running ok with the big green lump, we can just chill out and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere before heading back to the marina late afternoon and enjoying yet more fine food onboard before finally getting ready for the week of work ahead.

Only two and a half more weeks of work before we have another weeks break onboard Naughty-Cal. I can’t wait now but we still need to decide where we are heading and then plan out the route to ensure that we make the absolute most of our holiday. We may have to pin down our destination this weekend.

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