Wednesday 8 August 2012

Another Lincoln Weekend

We must be getting lazy because for the third weekend in a row the furthest we have ventured is Lincoln city centre. You don’t need to go far to enjoy yourself as we are currently finding out. The sum total of our travelling this weekend has been just five miles and that is in two trips!

It all started on Friday night with a cruise down to Lincoln Boat Club for a few beers. As we were in Lincoln to do some shopping on Saturday night we moored on the boat club mooring for the evening before heading onto the Riverside Centre moorings on Saturday morning. From here the shops are all within easy walking distance of the boat.

With the shopping finished and the sun shining we couldn’t really be bothered to move on so we cracked open a few beers and watched the world go by. We had a fleeting visit from a pair of flamenco dancers keen to advertise their business with some photographs taken on the boat before late in the afternoon heading back to the marina for the evening, enjoying a fine dinner of mackerel, homemade mustard potato salad and rocket salad.

After a quick breakfast on Sunday morning and a brief run out in the dinghy we set off again in the direction of Lincoln. This time deciding to anchor in Brayford Pool as the sun was yet again shining down on us. We enjoyed a fine afternoon of sun bathing on the bow before bidding our retreat into the cockpit as the storm clouds gathered overhead. Under stormy skies we eventually set off for home where we enjoyed another fine dinner of homemade Chicken Kiev’s, sautéed new potatoes, baby corn, purple sprouting broccoli and sugar snap peas.  A great end to another great weekend.

Here is just a small selection of photographs from this lazy weekend for your viewing pleasure.

 On the way to Lincoln Boat Club

 The bar has opened early

 Flamenco dancers in Lincoln

 Ted on his RIB

 The ever present Lincoln swans

Sunny sundays draw big crowds at the waterside pubs

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