Thursday 14 June 2012

Whitsun 2012 - Part 8

The sharper eyed amongst you will have noticed that we didnt end up in Whitby and instead made it to Wells next the Sea. The simple reason for this was the weather and sea state. We had fully intended to make the trip to Whitby but after a choppy run down the Humber followed by a wet and windy day stranded in port it was obvious this trip was not to be. Instead of admitting total defeat we poked our bows out on Monday morning and set sail for Wells next the Sea instead, running with the weather instead of against it. Still a bumpy and slammy ride but much better than if we had headed the opposite way.

We reached Wells on the day of the lighting of their Jubilee beacon so a great party was held on the quayside which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A great way to unwind after a decidedly uncomfortable crossing.

It was nice to revisit Wells, the town is now a favourite mooring spot of ours with plenty to see and do whether you want to be energetic or just relax and unwind for the week. We are really looking forward to heading back to Wells next month. Before we can go back however we have a long list of jobs to do to get Naughty-Cal ready for her first solo coastal cruise.

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