Tuesday 12 June 2012

Whitsun 2012 - Part 4

 Wells visitor moorings.

 Well harbour approaching low water.

 Wells harbour running moorings.

 Wells dinghy moorings.

 Crabbing at Wells.

 Lobster pots.

 Wells cottages.

Beach party at low water


  1. Great pics and makes me wish we had a proper boat and could do the coastal stuff, especially aftyer watching Timothy Spall's adventures.
    Cheers Mac (Skyy)

  2. One of the reasons we bought Naughty-Cal was so that we could take her to sea. We had originally intended to buy a river cruiser but when we realised we could buy a coastal boat for about the same amount of money we jumped at the chance.

    It has opened up a whole new avenue of cruising options for us which is why we are still moored at Burton Waters. If we didnt get out and do salty water stuff as well as the Fossditch and Witham we would be bored of the place by now.

    Hope you enjoy your time on the Fossditch and Witham. Might bump into you again soon. Oh and watch the rainfall if you are on the Witham. The levels go up and down very quickly.