Thursday 22 March 2012

A Busy Weekend Ahead

With our Easter break fast approaching, we are now in the final throws of getting Naughty-Cal ready to go. Not everything on the long list will be finished but we will with a fair wind be ready to cruise.

This coming weekend is the servicing of the engine, the major one for the year. With fresh oil and filter, tank fuel filter and fines fuel filter, air filter, crankcase filer, supercharger oil, raw water impeller and four belts to change it won’t be a two minute job but should be finished by midday on Saturday.

Whilst Liam is busy in the engine bay, I will be rinsing off the exterior of the boat as we seem to have gained a large amount of dust over the last couple of weeks and giving the canopies a good scrub to remove any traces of winter mould. I also have the waypoints to put in the chart plotter for our Jubilee week trip to Whitby a little later in the year. With these few jobs finished and the fuel tank topped up with another 40 litres of diesel and the water tank refilled we should have time to enjoy some relaxing time onboard.

We will have to take Cal for a cruise to check that she is in fine fettle following her service so we may as well combine this with a Saturday evening away from our mooring. Destination could well be anywhere but wherever we end up we will enjoy the time afloat.

For Sunday lunch I am going to try out slow cooked Brisket with onion gravy, mashed potatoes, Savoy cabbage and green beans. Hopefully it will be a success and will be another dish to put on our ever expanding boating menu. The slow cooker has really opened up new options for meals onboard and has proven to be a very worthwhile addition to the boat. The only drawback being the time it takes to cook meals with the aromas filling the boat teasing you all day as you know you can’t have it just yet.

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