Wednesday 21 March 2012

Bedroom Decor

It has been a busy few days what with grafting on the boat to get her ready for our fast approaching holiday, work and family affairs. But I have still had a few moments to start looking at some ideas for decorating various rooms in the house.

First up is going to be the bedroom. A slight detour from our original plans but as neither of us has too much decorating experience we decided starting here in one of the rooms guests don’t see would be a wise move.

We have chosen the wall paper which will go on the main wall and the paint colour which will go on the three remaining walls, samples of which can be seen below.

Wall paper for the bedroom

Dapple Blue paint for the walls

The carpet in this room is a nice cream affair and is still in great condition so we will give it a quick wash with the carpet cleaner to freshen it up. Then we will just need some new curtains and bedding to complement the new colours in the room.

Now all we need to do is start the job, which in all honesty will probably wait until we come back off holiday as the garden will be taking up our time at home between now and then.

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