Friday 3 July 2020


Unfortunately we didn't manage to get the heater sorted out in time for the off tomorrow. A problem with the glow plug which needs a replacement has scuppered any chance of having it ready in time. But the weather looks set to be fair so we won't need it hopefully. Naughty-Cal is a warm and dry boat so we can hunker down in the cosy cabin if the temperatures drop chilly in the evening.

We have a home delivery coming this morning with some supplies to keep us fed and watered during the week. We shouldn't really need much in the way of shopping in the week while we are away other than a bit of fresh veg and some meat towards the end of the week.

So we have just one more day at work to contend with.


  1. Enjoy your holiday, and don't forget your facemasks. Fingers crossed for better weather xx

  2. Enjoy your trip. I hope it is warmer than it has been here (Worcestershire) today. Jennie x