Friday, 25 May 2018

Working Better Then Ever

We had a fine evening on the boat last night pottering around and finishing off a few odd jobs. The most important job was refitting the transom gate which thankfully this time works a treat, in fact it works far better then it ever has and is very smooth to operate.

Next up was trying out the new 240v vacuum cleaner. The little handheld rechargable unit we had was of now not up to the job with four extra furry feet onboard. So we have found a small 835w 240v unit which will slot in a cupboard just nicely and work on the inverter when we are out and about. I would show a picture of that but the amount of dust it picked up was embarassing considering we only vacced up last weekend!

Lastly we had to make sure that Sydney's new life jacket was a snug fit and that he was comfortable wearing it. It took a bit of adjusting to get all of the straps right but in the end we got there and he seemed happy enough stutting around on the pontoon showing off his new jacket.

So now we are back in Sheffield but after work we just have to dump the shopping onboard and then we can get away and hopefully catch Torksey Lock before it shuts for the evening at 9pm.


  1. Hi from Plumbob on the Thames Forum. I have a feeling in my water you are very knowledgeable on The Wash?? Sold my boat to someone who wants to take her from Wisbech to Boston when she arrives next week by road. Sorry if I have duff info.


  2. How fast can it travel? A planing boat can do it on one tide. Slower boats need two tides.