Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Dog Mods

As Sydney got on so well on the boat at the weekend we have now turned our attention to how we can make a few little modifications to make life on board a bit easier with the mutt.

First and perhaps most important will be making up a lead which is permanently fixed at the helm to stop Sydney jumping off whilst we are mooring up and setting off. He has a habit of trying to follow us off the boat which for his own safety needs to be stopped. At least with him tethered at the helm we know where he is at all time. He is fine padding around while we are on the move as we can keep an eye on him.

Next up we really do need to get him a doggy life jacket, especially if we are going to spend our summer holiday on the Trent. We don't yet know if he can swim well but just to make it easier to get him out when he does fall in we will get him a life jacket and get him used to wearing it.

Then we need to get him a smaller crate for use on the boat. He is starting to get used to his larger one at work now and will go in it of his own accord now. With this in mind we are looking to get a smaller fold down one we can use on the boat which will hopefully mean at some point in the future that we can leave him on board for a couple of hours while we go out. But there is no rush to get to that point just yet and we will let him settle in, in his own time.


  1. If he can be trusted down below on his own whilst not ripping your upholstery probably just get him a soft dog bed, and if he is in the habit of going on the furniture stick a throw on it.
    At home in our kitchen ours have Lazy Bones canvas crates, we have 1 small (which is huge!) and x2 extra small which are a good size. We used the small in the car when the original 2 dogs were pups but they both got too hot in them being canvas...so that may be something to think about, also Tia destroyed all of the front mesh door closing zips, so ours are only any good as beds now. We also bought a small metal crate for Scout when she was a pup but she just wanted to be with the other 2 all the time, so that hardly got used, however I did envisage taking that particular one to the boat but even that would have been too big.
    They are all different, what works for some may not work for others xxx

  2. He has a soft dog bed on the boat but he really can not be trusted on his own anywhere yet. He just try to dig his way out of where ever he is which will just injure him and wreck whatever is in his way!

    He is getting better with his crate at work now but that is far too big for the boat. He got in it on his own yesterday with no whinging or whining. So he is getting used to the idea.

    He only has to tolerate it not like or enjoy it.

    1. Yes, its a learning curve whether they are pups or a rescue. Oh well, it's still early days, and hopefully you will all find a way which suits xxxx

    2. We really can't complain with how he is settling in so far. As you say it is still very early days. We have only had him a couple of weeks and he is doing fantastic so far.

      He was at the vets again last night and they were really pleased with his progress. He has put 0.6kg on since his last visit, only about the same to go again before he is up to a healthy weight.

      Sydney was not impressed with his injection and being shipped though. Not sure what he will think when he goes in for the snip soon!

    3. That should be chipped not shipped!

  3. We have a life jacket for Connor but we've found that he's more comfortable in a snug fitting harness that has a handle on the back so we can easily fish him back out of the water if he fell or jumped in.
    If you're going to tether Sydney on the helm seat then he'll need a harness to ensure he doesn't strangle himself if he jumped off.
    I chopped up a lead so it's very short to tether Connor at the helm, I have a spare one if you're passing through Farndon any time soon.
    If you do buy a life jacket try and find one that has more than one or a wide strap under the tummy so it doesn't dig in if you lift him up by the handle.
    It sounds like he's settling in really well and he's in the right home at last.

    1. We are going to get him a harness but need him to bulk up a bit first and teach his ideal weight. Not too much further to go now. About another 1kg to go and he will be there .