Thursday, 17 May 2018

Whistle Stop Alternative

The Norfolk Broads were where our love affair with boating started many moons ago now, first with an array of hire boats and in more recent years with our own boat. 

Whenever we visit with Naughty-Cal it always seems such a rush job. Our two week holiday always entails a two day rush down to the Broads followed by a seven day whistle stop tour of the Broads and then a battle to get back home by sea again, which almost always decides it is going to rough up for us on the home leg and make life interesting for us.

We have been discussing this and have decided that the next time we visit Norfolk, we will do so on the trailer. This way we can get the full two weeks down there and have no worries about sea conditions for getting back home. It will take all of the stress out of the time on the Broads and give us plenty of chance to visit all of the places that usually only get a fleeting fly by on our whistle stop tours of the area.

Now to decide when we will go again.


  1. It is great to see you enjoying life with your new family member and I do hope you are able to break out the BBQ this weekend. We are not far from your neck of the woods - we are currently in Burton Waters Marina and should be passing through Lincoln next week. I do have a question which I hope you don't mind me asking, but I am sure, as locals, you will be able to answer it - we are planning a day trip with friends from the marina into Lincoln and back again stopping for lunch at the Pyewipe on Monday. It is four years since we were on the Witham and none of us (we are with nb Cleddau, Boatwif blog) can remember if the river is wide enough for a 59 foot narrowboat to wind after Stamp End Lock? Where are you planning on sailing to this weekend? We are currently at home, but will be back in the marina on Saturday and Sunday. Jennie nb Tentatrice

  2. You will easily turn above Stamp End.

    We will be around this weekend. Think we are heading to Saxilby for the bbq.

  3. Thanks for that information - we thought we could, but there is nothing like being sure! Have a great time in Saxilby. I think there is an 'outing' from Torksey on in Saxilby this weekend - we saw a notice that included information that there would be a TV in the marquee for those who wanted to watch the wedding. I hope you find a mooring. We will be tied up in the marina for the weekend doing jobs unless we decide to upsticks and go for a bit of a sail on Monday.

  4. We can usually find a spot to moor up down there. Naughty-Cal is only small!

    If not we will find somewhere else.