Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Glut

While we were away our fruit trees have been busy producing their biggest crop of fruit to date.

Last week we had a glut of soft fruits with the cherries and plum tree, these made a lovely fruit salad when added to some scavanged blackberries and some nice farm grown raspberries.

This week it has been the turn of the apple trees. They have cropped very early this year and very heavily. The eating apples are easy enough to contend with but the cooking apples have produced a bumper crop.

So there was nothing for it and last night we set about making an apple and cinnamon pie. Me on filling duties stewing apples and Liam on pastry duty. I am rubbish at making pastry so that is definitely a blue job.

But one pie didn't make a dent in the apple mountain so it was back to stewing more apples, this time adding some more early blackberries picked on our way home and the last of the plums from the garden. This was portioned up and frozen to make more pies in the coming weeks.

Looks like we have lots of pies to make!


  1. Apple crumble!! No rolling out required.

  2. Keeps him out of trouble making pastry!