Thursday, 10 August 2017

Slipping Away

As part of next summers trip to the Thames we need to look into where we can be picked up by the trailer to bring us home. We need a half decent slipway.

Getting us out of the water at Burton Waters is a simple enough affair we have a decent slipway at out disposal. Thus the same goes for getting us back into the water when we get back home.

Our choices on the Medway though seem a little more limited. There are two obvious choices but both have their set backs.

First choice is the slipway at Gillingham Pier as seen in the picture below:

Gillingham Pier

This is a proper old victorian cobbled slipway and whilst it will be perfectly adequate for pulling the boat out it is only available for 2 hours either side of high water, although the fee of £5 reflects this. On top of this we are not sure if there are facilities for flushing out the trailer once the boat is on, a priority when launching and recovering in salt water. 

Our second option is to head further up the River Medway and onto the non tidal river at Allington where the EA have relatively recently installed a new slipway.

Allington Slipway

This slipway is available 24 hours a day so no tidal constraints and has staging either side to make getting the boat onto the trailer that much easier then having to drive it on. Also being on fresh water there will be no need to flush the trailer through after the recovery. The fee for use of the slipway is reasonable enough at £7.50 but on top of this we would also need a 24 hour visitors licence for EA waters which today would cost £11. No deal breaker as it might be quite nice to spend an evening on new waters and there appears to be a pub directly opposite the slipway.

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