Thursday, 3 August 2017

Busy Planning

Having just got back from one big boating trip it seems very odd launching straight into the planning of yet another one. Next summers group trip to the Thames, the highlight of which will undoubtedly be cruising our own boats through the city of London.

It will be slightly different to the planning carried out in previous years as this time we will have (to date anyway) a reasonably large and very varied group of boats to contend with and get in the same place at the same time. Herding cats springs to mind!

The first hurdle to tackle is where all of the boats will be launched. Being small and with a low air draft we want to tackle the whole of the navigable Thames from Lechlade right out into the estuary. However this means that we won't be launched in the same place as the bigger boats as they won't get under some of the bridges near Oxford. With this in mind we are adding a few days onto our break so that we can explore the upper reaches of the river before meeting up with the rest of the group further downstream.


  1. Hopefully we will get some better weather then we got in Scotland this summer!