Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Fixing Bits and Bobs

With only a few short weeks before we head to Cornwall in the Sierra we have turned our attention to one or two little niggly jobs that really do need sorting out before we go.

Tonight it is the attack on the rear lights. The passenger side rear light cluster has a mind of it's own, sometimes working, sometimes not, sometimes choosing completely the wrong light to illuminate and sometimes just working as it should. Clearly this must be sorted out so tonight Liam is going to rewire the lot. I predict much swearing this evening then.

Another little job is replacing a section of water hose that has developed a small leak. Again shouldn't have been a big job but you can't buy the pipe anymore in the UK so it has had to be delivered from Germany. With this new pipe fitted the water system should be water tight again.

And lastly there is a really annoying squeak to get to the bottom of. When ever you drive over a bump, of which there are very many on the roads of Sheffield it squeaks. Very annoying and must be found before we go to Cornwall or it will drive us both mad.

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