Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Shedding the Pounds

It had gotten around to time for a serious declutter on Naughty-Cal at the weekend. So on Sunday morning whilst moored in Saxilby I set about the arduous task.

Now Naughty-Cal is only a small boat so where does it all come from?

I have only tackled half of the boat so far and already I have taken out two large black bags of rubbish. I mean just why were we carting around two out of date bottles of bitter lemon? So the galley is decluttered, the shower room is decluttered and thoroughly cleaned out and the port side under seat locker is cleared out. Which just leaves the midships berth lockers, the starboard under seat locker, the bow locker and a locker in the cockpit to sort out. This can be next weekends job.

It would have been interesting to weigh up the contents of the bags and see just how much extra unnecessary weight we have been carting around for the last few months!

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