Wednesday, 7 September 2016


We got the rear lights fixed on the Sierra last night and called it a day at that deciding to do the coolant hose tonight instead. 

So out comes the car today and on the way to work we notice, unusually steam coming from under the bonnet, rather unhandily we are in the queue for a rather busy roundabout so couldn't stop to investigate there and then. As quickly as we could we pulled over, by now the steam pummeling out from under the bonnet. 

Quickly parked we realise there is a rather large puddle of water forming under the car. 

Panic over it is just a split water hose, unfortunately not the one we were going to replace tonight. So now the hunt is on for another obsolete part. Luckily this time there is enough play in this pipe to cut the split out for a temporary fix.

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