Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Taking Advice

So yesterday was a scorcher of a day wasn't it? And today looks set to be even hotter!

Last night after work it was still a bit on the warm side for gardening but we knew that we had to get it done and out of the way before we go on holiday so we braved the heat and finished off the grass and the hedges. I must say, despite us not really giving it 100%, it was too damn hot, they have come up looking remarkably good. So the gardens are now ready to be left to their own devices until we get back.

I rang Denver lock yesterday to run our plans past the lockie there for Monday. He really is a very nice chap and gave me lots of tips and advice on the trip. We talked through our timings for the cruise up the Ouse and I'm glad to say that we were both only ten minutes between us with the timings. My workings out had us setting off ten minutes before the lockie would suggest from Kings Lynn, so we know have a slightly revised leaving time of 8.45am which will see us get to Earith in time for a spot of lunch.

Only two more days at work for me and tonight as a bit of a treat we are heading out to The Strines Inn again for a spot of lunch after work. Saving me slaving away over a hot stove again. Yesterday on the hottest day of the year so far, we decided to have a roast chicken dinner, not the greatest idea we have ever had, so tonight someone else can have the pleasure of cooking instead.

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