Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Slow Cooking Again

With the battery charger fully functional again and no worries about recharging the domestic batteries we decided we could start to use the inverter again at the weekend.

No more waiting for the gas kettle to boil, which takes an age in comparison to the little 240v kettle and I could use the slow cooker again. This was the thing I had missed the most.

Usually whilst out cruising on holiday we would have cooked at least one or two meals in the slow cooker, but no, not a single one on our last holiday. 

So on Sunday it was time to change that and after a trip to the butchers we were slow cooking two huge lamb shanks in a leek, carrot, onion and mint gravy. I put these in at about 9.30am and we ate at about 8.30pm, so they had eleven hours in the pot and they were simply divine, the meat dropping off the bone. To keep thing simple I served them with a sweet potato and parsnip mash which was also really very nice.

Now what to rustle up in the slow cooker this weekend? The choice is endless.

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