Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fixed Or Repaired Daily

You know how just a few short months ago we declared that everything was working on Naughty-Cal? Well we should have known it wouldn't have lasted too long!

Since arriving back from the Fens last week we have started making a new list of jobs that need sorting out.

The most important of which for our immediate needs was getting the battery charger working again. We had already proven it wasn't the charger at fault on Friday evening by connecting it directly to the batteries, so on Sunday Liam delved into the engine bay and set about finding the fault in the wiring. It took a good hour or so but eventually the fault was tracked down to some corroded wires and connections. Once replaced the charger sprang into life and set about recharging the batteries once more. Now we need to hope that the batteries have not suffered too badly from their month of not really being fully charged!

Another job on the list is replacing the seals on the raw water pump, again. This seems to be a reoccuring problem, so this time we are going to get a full rebuild kit for the pump instead of just the seals and hopefully this should cure the leak for a bit longer then 18 months this time. At present the leak is not bad enough to stop us using the boat, it is just a very slight drip over a few hours but it won't get any better on its own so it needs fixing.

And lastly, and most probably the most difficult of the jobs is taking the turbo charger off to send it away for refurbishment. We suffered a complete loss of power on our return journey across the Wash a couple of weeks ago and had to limp back at 5 knots, which in the conditions we had leaving Kings Lynn was less then pleasant to say the least. The only indication of anything amiss, apart from the sudden loss of power, is oil in the air box, which leads us to believe that the turbo is playing up. Getting it refurbished is not a difficult or expensive job, getting it off the engine in the tight confines of Cal's engine bay however could prove to be a tricky process. We have decided that as Cal is coming out of the water again for the winter for three months we will wait until she is ashore before trying to take the turbo off. We have no more big trips planned, so it is slow pottering around for us for a while!

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