Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Gathering Information

The final preparations for the big trip are now being undertaken. This coming weekend being our last before we set sail into the sunset for 16 days of exploration of the East coast.

My task for this week is gathering all of the information we have on each port and noting down the important bits of information for each port in an easy to view and easy to read manner. Important things like tidal windows, relevant VHF channels, locations of visitor moorings, telephone numbers and facilities avaliable at each destination. The sort of stuff that is important but you dont really stand a chance of remembering for each port.

Whilst I am doing this Liam is busy gathering together the bits and pieces he needs to service the engine at the weekend. It isnt due an oil change just yet but we figured it couldnt hurt it to be running on fresh oil and with fresh filters given the distances we will be covering in the 16 days we are away.

The spare props are away for refurbishing and should hopefully be back in time for the weekend. If not then we will pop up one evening next weekend to change them. The set that are on the boat are not overly bad but they have one or two nicks out of the blade edges causing slight vibration, much better to head out with fresh props. 

It all seems to be coming together this year in time for our big summer trip, unlike previous years where there has always been something not quite finished or ready in time. No doubt this weekend will throw up something unexpected!

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