Thursday, 24 May 2012

More Gardening Weather

With the weather still blooming marvellous we took the opportunity to finish tidying up the front gardens and driveways. With more weeding, grass cutting, hedge clipping and pruning the front gardens are looking the best that they have done for a long while. The recent rains making the grass, plants and trees, lush, green and colourful.

It doesn’t take long to make a big impact on our gardens. They have been stocked with the intention of making them low maintenance, the vast majority of the plants looking after themselves. The wildflower patch is displaying its colours and the bees and butterflies seem to be enjoying the late spring blooms.

With the front garden finished, for now, we had the chance to sit back and enjoy our hard work. Normally we would sit in the back garden to relax but as this has yet to be attacked we took the rare chance to relax in the front garden in the early evening sunshine with a couple of cold beers and a scrummy homemade shepherd’s pie with roast potatoes, carrots and savoy cabbage.

Next week the back garden will be started upon. In all fairness the back garden is if anything easier to work on than the front. The hedges are not so extensive, the lawn is easier to cut and the decking takes just a quick sweep and hose down to be ready to used again this summer. Happy days.

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