Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gardening Weather

With the sun finally showing its hand for the first time in a long time we set about attacking the garden last night. With the wet and dismal weather we have had of late we have not even touched the garden yet this year so it was starting to look a little bit messy.

With Liam busying himself trimming the hedges adjacent the garage and driveway, I set about cutting the lawn in the front garden. With the relatively drier weather we have been experiencing in the last couple of years we have decided to keep our lawns a little longer than we normally would in a bid to keep the grass looking greener for longer throughout the year. Even so the front lawn will require a few more trims to get it looking neat and tidy again.

With the lawn trimmed and Liam still battling with the hedges I set about on a mission to deal with the weed growth in the driveway and footpaths. They seem to grow in nothing these weeds and spring up in unexpected places. A half hour of tugging and pulling at them soon had them in check again though and the approach to the house looks much tidier for it.

After just an hour’s hard graft the front of the property is looking much more acceptable and much less like a jungle. Tonight we will finish of the hedges in the front garden leaving just the rear garden to attack next week. Hopefully this should mean that the gardens are going to be neat and tidy just in time for us to go away on holiday.

The bees have been busy in the front garden with all of the fruit trees showing early signs of setting good quantities of fruit. Hopefully a little later in the year this should mean we have a decent crop of cherries, apples and plums. Unfortunately we have lost some of the more tender plants due to the frosts but the spaces these have left will be filled in with more dwarf fruit trees to provide us with even more of our own home grown fruit and vegetables.

With the garden looking a little better we sat down to a well earned and rather tasty homemade Lasagne that I thankfully prepared yesterday, served with a peppery wild rocket salad. Just the ticket.


  1. Hi R, when you have finished weeding the garden - fancy having a go at the River Witham. There are a few big rafts on their way down to Boston.

    take care.


  2. Ah the islands. Particually good when approaching Bardney at night....