Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Mid Week Visit

It isn’t very often we get the chance to visit Naughty-Cal during the week but with our pending big bank holiday trip we had a few things to sort out before the weekend arrives. So we packed our bags and headed back to Lincoln for the evening which did mean another early start this morning but sometimes it is worth it.

First up was topping up the diesel. Another 60 litres in the tank saw it almost brimmed to the top. So our estimate of 125 litres for our trip to Leeds wasn’t too far off and if anything a little on the high side as although we have not been anywhere for the last two weekends due to the weather, the diesel heating has been on for pretty much the whole two weekends. With the fuel tank now full Cal is ready for the off.

Next up was a quick clean of the cabin interior. It was mainly just a quick vacuum that was needed and a quick wipe around soon saw her gleaming again. Last up was refilling the water tank. It has been sometime since we last treated our water so for good measure we added a couple of sterilising tablets to help keep the nasties at bay. With this lot ticked off the list we settled in for a hearty dinner of massive sirloin steaks, fried egg, oyster mushrooms and grilled beef tomatoes.

With the fridge topped up with Budweiser, Naughty-Cal is now ready to go straight away on Friday night. All we will have to do is load up our food and clothing for the long weekend then turn the key and set sail. All of this is assuming the flood gates are open and the River Trent has calmed down a little mind, otherwise we won’t be going anywhere.

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