Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rock A Bye Baby

Winter is certainly here and with it has come the wave after wave of winter storms. So far this week we have been battered by wind, rain, hail and snow and the temperatures have plummeted. The biggest storm of the season so far is due to head across the country today, bringing with it gale force winds and heavy rain before pulling down cold air from the Arctic and plunging us into a cold snap with snow forecast as far south as the Midlands. It should make for an interesting few days weather. Hopefully it won’t prevent us from getting to the boat tomorrow evening.

Naughty-Cal will no doubt be rocking and rolling around on her berth but there is nothing we can do for her from here in Sheffield. Her mooring ropes are secure and tied in such a fashion so as to reduce her movement to a minimum so she will weather this storm well.

We don’t mind the rocking and rolling of the boat in the wind, the lapping waves on the hull a reminder that we are afloat. After July’s session moored in a harbour in a Force 8 storm, the sheltered waters of the inland system seem a far cry away and even in the fiercest of storms at Burton Waters we have yet to experience anything like the ferocity of the Wells July storms. Being caught in bad weather like that puts into perspective the relative calm and shelter of the inland waterways.

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