Friday, 2 December 2011

Party Time

The weekend has come around pretty quickly again and what a weekend it promises to be. It is the weekend of the E Pontoon (Unofficial Boat Club) Christmas Party and with a confirmed 40 attendees it should be a lively one. This year it is a black tie, three course dinner and disco to be held at the Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln on Saturday night.

Tonight we are going to be very busy, running around like the proverbial headless chickens. The plan (but whatever goes according to plan?), is to arrive at the marina, load up the boat, fill the water tank, get showered and then head to the pub to get ourselves a prime mooring spot. No doubt we will also indulge in a quick pint or two in the pub to pass the remainder of the evening by.

Saturday we will have a walk into Lincoln to do the shopping, leaving Naughty-Cal moored outside the pub. It isn’t a long walk into town and it will be a nice change to stretch our legs and explore the locality by foot. It will also help us to work up an appetite ready for the evening’s meal. With dinner starting at 7.30pm we will have plenty of time to smarten up and get ready in our finery. Probably easier said than done in the confines of a small boat!! The newly fitted inverter will come into its own powering the Christmas lights and the electric blanket, the latter of which we will need if the temperatures keep going on their current downward trend.

Sunday will certainly be a quiet day. There will be aching heads all round and no rush to head back to the marina. We will have a fully stocked fridge so full English will be on the cards to help ease the hangovers and fill our bellies. With no great hurry to head back to the marina we may even stretch our legs on Sunday as well; a little fresh air will no doubt do us the world of good.

Here’s to what looks like being a great weekend.

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