Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Great Weekend

How has it gotten to be Wednesday already? This week is just flying by and I can’t keep up, what with work, wrapping present, delivering presents. At this rate we won’t be finished in time for the weekend!
Anyway last weekend was another lively one. The quiet evening we had promised ourselves didn’t happen, we were kidnapped by our friends on Wish You Were Here and forced to drink lots of Budweiser. Terrible really and we suffered for it on Saturday when we could have really done with being fully alert.

So on Saturday, we had a relatively late start for us, not getting up until about 9am before showering and heading out to finish the Christmas shopping in Lincoln. It was busy in town so we hurriedly did our remaining bits of purchasing before retreating to the calmness of the marina for the afternoon. Later that afternoon before it got dark we took Naughty-Cal over to our friend’s house in readiness for our evening meal. Devocean was already positioned on her neighbours mooring so all we had to do was stern in to the pontoon and leave room for Wish You Were Here beside us. We spent the evening swapping stories, drinking Bud again and eating fine food before all retiring to warm beds late in the evening, well oiled and ready to crash out.

I was first up on Sunday and as you already know prepared dinner in plenty of time for eating later that evening. Then we sat and drank coffee to ease the hangovers and relaxed with the local radio station playing in the background whilst reading the paper and tackling the puzzle pages. It wasn’t until about midday that we eventually made our way back to our own moorings, where we wrapped up some of our Christmas presents and entertained our guests. Sunday was a quiet day and we really did very little onboard bar filling up the water tank and hosing down the bathroom, we will have to make up for that next Saturday. We eventually enjoyed a delightful evening meal before hitting the sack early, ready for a busy week ahead and what a busy week it has proven to be so far. It doesn’t look likely to get any quieter before Friday either.

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