Monday, 6 December 2010

Thawing Out

The thaw is certainly setting in. We have noted a marked improvement in the conditions in and around Sheffield and with this in mind we made an unexpected trip to see Naughty-Cal on Saturday.

The roads were suprisingly clear until we reached Burton Waters where the access road and carpark was a little icy.

The first problem was encountered when we decided to use the facilities after being in the car for a while. Out of order the water supply has had to be turned off as there are burst pipes on the pontoons. Never mind we will use the facility block on the other side of the marina. Same story. Lets hope the loo on Naughty-Cal isnt frozen!!

After a hairy walk/slide down the pontoon we find Cal with a decided list. The weight of the snow pushing her over. So we quickly set too brushing her clear of snow, before getting all the heaters on full power to warm her through. Suprisingly it didnt take too long this time. Then its time to settle in for the night with a few beers and a nice pan of warm stew simmering on the stove.

Yesterday we again thawed her out after another harsh frost, before finally installing her new starter battery. The difference in starting is unbelievable. She springs into life with the slightest turn of the key now. Amazing.

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