Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Praying for Heat

The parts to service and hopefully fix the Webasto diesel heater onboard Naughty-Cal finally arrived yesterday. Sods Law of course dictated that it decided to break on the day that we showed her buyer around the boat. Now that sale has fallen through and we have decided to keep the boat we need to get that fixed as a top priority.

We have ordered for it a new gasket set, a new burner cartridge and a new glow plug. Liam has already stripped it down and given it a clean out. It wasn't too bad this time as it wasn't all that long ago it was last serviced, a few years at most. A far shorter time then between it's last strip downs which was verging on ten years!

Today at work Liam will reassemble the heater with the new parts and then tonight after work we will pop across to the marina and get it back on the boat. Fingers crossed it will then work. If not we will look at getting a new heater unit as this one has had enough money spent on it now and it is an older obsolete unit. 

The decision will then be whether to replace it with the newer Webasto 2000 STC unit or join the ever growing group of boat owners who are installing the chinese copy heater units.

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