Wednesday, 24 June 2020

All Aboard

With the announcement from Boris yesterday that we can stay onboard our boats from 4th July we can now start to look forward to our week away onboard Naughty-Cal. We were starting to get doubtful that this outing would be able to take place. We have had that week booked off work for months, since the back end of last year in fact.

We know that the waterways are going to be busy that week as everyone rushes out to make use of their boats but with that in mind we have settled on a steady run down the River Witham. It will be some 18 months or more since we last cruised on the Witham so it will make a nice change of scenery.

It remains to be seen if we visit any pubs along the way. We will take plenty of food and drink to cover all eventualities. 

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  1. Hello naughty cal. I am Phil from Retford in North Notts. This is re that Captain bloke with e submarine shaped boat from 2014 that did fraud. A local FB group have just identified this fraudster as a multi alias person that is a racist and far right thug on FB. We are chasing him down and the Police will hopefully be involved. Thought you might like to know. can fill you in more of you wish. Sincerely, Phil Ramsay; member of Retford Against racism FB Group. take care.