Friday, 13 July 2018

Waters New

Despite having been to the Norfolk Broads many times now there are still parts that we have yet to see and visit, either in our own boat or on hire boats.

Take the River Wensum in Norwich for example. We have visited on the hire boats as far as the limit of navigation for hire boats goes at the yacht station, yet we have never taken Naughty-Cal up there. This year we plan to remedy that but not only go that far. In our own private boat we still have a section of river up stream of the yacht station to explore. A section of river we will never have seen before and it does look very pretty in places.

As we will have a whole two weeks to play with this year we will take our time and explore the less well known sections of the Broads system and the extremeties of the rivers and hopefully fill in some of the gaps of the places we have not yet visited.

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