Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Edging Closer

With a few more jobs crossed off the lost last weekend we are edging ever closer to our holiday on the Broads now.

Just one more weekend to go and one more batch of little jobs to tackle.

We have decided to leave Fabsiling the canopies until we get back from Norfolk. Whilst the Wet and Forget is doing a sterling job on the hoods it is no quick process. So we want to give it as much chance as possible to work before we reproof the hoods. There is no pressing need to reproof them just yet.

Other little jobs on the list include pulling out the stereo to get at the wiring to the USB charging socket in the saloon, this has a dodgy connection that needs some attention, checking the bilges for water, I can't imagine there will be any down there but we need to double check and lastly carrying out a set of engine checks to ensure that all is as it should be with the big green lump.

Oh no, sorry there is one last little job and that will be removing the hoods and packing them away neatly so as to take up as little room as possible and then fitting the tonneau cover ready for transport by road to Norfolk next Friday.

We are counting down the days now.

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