Thursday, 12 October 2017

Stocking Up

It is almost time for our trip to the Norfolk Broads, on Saturday morning we will be heading to Norfolk to pick up the boat. So we are running out of time to start picking up a few essential items.

Now as much as we love the Broads we also know that it is a bit of a tourist trap. Once you are afloat and with no means of transport, the local shops take advantage by bumping up their prices meaning an ill timed running out of supplies can end up costing you a fortune. We have found this out in the past so this time we are going prepared, especially in the drink department.

This morning we picked up the first of the stocks which is now gracing the boot of the car and on Saturday morning we will pick up the next of the stocks. We are picking the boat up from a different yard this time to where we have hired from previously and there is a good butcher in the village so we will stock up from there and we will be visiting a farm shop on the way to Norfolk so we will be stocked up on fruit and vegetables as well, so we certainly won't starve or go without drink.