Thursday, 20 February 2014

Whining and Dining

We were once again wining and dining guests at home last night. If I’m brutally honest I didn’t get much enjoyment from the evening due to this bloody cold. Everything seemed much more effort than normal, a simple roast chicken dinner turned into an ordeal. And to top it off the sweet potato and smoked bacon soup which was better than my attempt last week.

Back in the land of the living and we are starting to collate our plan of attack on Naughty-Cal for this coming weekend. The plan this far is to finish the last couple of bits of scraping of antifoul, sand down the hull and apply a couple of coats of primer. There should only be a couple of hours to finish scraping and sanding before the hull is ready for the first coat of primer. Seeing the hull in primer will be a happy moment, it has seemed like a long way off these last five weeks or so, and it will be nice to see a uniform and smooth finish once more.

After the primer we can start on some polishing. This really does signal the home straight for this year’s session ashore. We don’t expect to get much in the way of polishing done as we are also due to be helping a friend put his stern drives back together but a start on the polishing all the same will be made.
Unfortunately the seal kits for the drive trim rams have yet to arrive so they won’t be back on this week. But it’s not big problem, they shouldn’t take long to refit next weekend. The biggest pain will be bleeding the hydraulic system through to get them functioning effectively again.

Naughty-Cal is provisionally booked in for relaunch on the 7th March. I plan to take the day off work to get her back across to her berth and get her cleaned up and ready for a weekend of cruising. We have both missed being on the water.

So fingers crossed all goes well this weekend.

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