Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Weekend of Contrasts

What a start to the weekend. Saturday was bright, sunny and relatively mild. It gave us the ideal opportunity to give Naughty-Cal a good scrub; the last couple of months of cruising have left her looking fairly grubby, not helped by the building works starting near our home berth. With Cal gleaming once more we set out for Lincoln to do a spot of shopping, Liam going one way and me the other, catching back up at the boat. Liam wired in the inverter, a job which has been on our list for a long while but always seemed to get knocked back. At last it is done in time for the winter season; we can now use the electric blanket whilst away from our berth. We also fixed the door catch, another annoying little job that has taken a age to get around to doing, then we started to dress Naughty-Cal for our pontoon dinner in a couple of weekends time, she looks great with her lights twinkling away at night. With the boat now in fine fettle we set sail for Saxilby, not a long cruise but enough to feel as though we are away for the weekend. We treated ourselves to a lovely Chinese take away before heading to the Sun Inn for a few pints.

Sunday was a complete contrast to the previous day. Dull, gloomy, foggy and damp, so we settled in with lots of hot coffee and the newspaper, tucked up in the warmth of the cockpit with no need to go anywhere in a hurry. The weather didn’t give us any great sense of hurry but eventually we set sail for home in the thickening gloom, a slow cruise given the conditions and we both felt happy as we rounded to corner and moored on our berth, the heater still hard at work keeping us warm. With a pan of stew bubbling away on the stove we spent the evening with a few beers and some good music before turning in early ready for the working week ahead.

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