Thursday, 24 November 2011


Following a recent unsuccessful attempt to eat food in public with chop sticks we have decided that we need to get in some more practice before we attempt it again in public. So we have taken the plunge and ordered six sets of chop sticks, two sets for home and four sets for the boat. This should enable us to practice whenever possible so that the next time we eat in a posh Chinese Restaurant we won’t be throwing more food at each other and the floor than we are eating.

Now rather naively I had assumed that you could buy chop sticks from any supermarket, it seemed sensible, however upon trying to purchase some it proved rather harder than we thought. We have eventually ordered our sticks from China, finding them to be the best source for our needs. Six sets of stainless steel chop sticks delivered from china will come to the princely sum of £7.20, including delivery. Now we just need to wait for them to be delivered before the practice can begin in earnest.

We are determined to crack this ancient form of cutlery and become fluent users of chop sticks. Lord only knows how much food will be thrown on the floor, at each other or down our clothes in the meantime though.
This could be a rather messy process.

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