Monday, 11 May 2015

Edging Closer

It has been a really productive weekend but without feeling over stretched or rushed around and we have finished far more jobs than we initially anticipated we would.

On Saturday we got the engine serviced and the new shower hose fitted and gave the cabin a good clean and tidy, before heading to Saxilby with friends and enjoying a few drinks before settling back on Naughty-Cal to enjoy a fine meal of BBQ Jerk salmon with garlic potatoes and veg. 

We made a reasonably early start yesterday knowing that we still had a few jobs to finish off so by 8am we were steadily cruising back to the marina getting back on our home berth by 9am and starting the next of the tasks fitting the new hot water element. I am pleased to report that we do now have hot water from the electric again. With this the main job for today finished we set about a few more tasks sealing in the shower room sink, decluttering the cabin, again, scrubbing the canopies, cleaning the cockpit upholstery and last but by no means least scrubbing the bottom of the dinghy. Even with this long list of jobs we were finished by 3pm when we at last settled down with a few beers and later on a fantastic meal of slow cooked lamb shanks in mint gravy served with root veg mash. 

With all of these jobs crossed off we have left ourselves a nice easy weekend next weekend with just the diesel to top up, the water tank to refill and the dinghy to put on the davits. Mind you it is a good job we won't have much to do as it is E Pontoon BBQ time on Saturday evening, I don't expect we will be fit for anything come Sunday!

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