Thursday, 1 March 2012

Has Spring Sprung?

The sun is rising earlier and setting noticeably later, the crocuses and snow drops are in full bloom, the daffodils are starting to show and the birds are singing in the trees. Has spring finally sprung?

It would be nice to think we have seen the back of this winter; it has seemed like a long one despite the relatively mild weather. Spring always brings with it the rush to get the boat ready for a long season of cruising ahead and the promise of more great holidays and fresh adventures.

The garden starts to show signs of emerging from its winter hibernation, the spring plants brightening up the background of winter foliage and the trees start to show signs of budding and flowering. The hedges start to bud, a sign that the clippers will have to come out again soon and the lawns start the year with a flourish of fresh, lush spring growth.

The garden birds start to make themselves busy building nests to protect their young and singing in the hope of attracting a new mate. The foxes will soon be back foraging in the dustbins and gardens in an attempt to keep their hungry cubs well fed.

Is it too soon to assume we have seen the back of winter? Most probably it is. March can often bring with it some cold and cruel weather. But another month down the line should see us safely in the warmer weather, with risks of frost gone for the year.

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