Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Well the Christmas break flew by. It didn’t seem like we had ten days off work but we are well and truly back in the swing of things now.

Christmas on the ditch was lovely and peaceful, the mild weather making it all the more perfect. We had a run out on Christmas day to Saxilby for a few pints in the Sun Inn, before enjoying a lovely meal f slow cooked duck with sweet potatoes, stuffing and sprouts later in the day.

On Boxing Day, we decided to head out for a few days. Finally settling in on the fully serviced moorings at Bardney Lock. We had a very pleasant few days moored in the peace and quiet, doing lots of walking (you have to from here) and generally enjoying the tranquil setting we were in. I will post more pictures later in the week now that I have coaxed my phone back into life!
New Years Eve was a much more energetic affair. With an evening in the Woodcocks pub where they held a casino night and put on a great disco and buffet lunch we had a great night in great company and were finally forced to leave at 1am. Never mind we finished off the night with drinks on Wish You Were Here where we finally gave in at 3.45am and decided enough was enough.

New Years Day was a write off. We didn’t get up until mid day and then we were so tired and hung over that we did little bar get showered and drink coffee. We had a little snooze in the afternoon wasting another couple of hours before getting up at 5pm to have lunch. We watched a few episodes of Still Game before heading back to bed to sleep off the remnants of a stinking hang over. What a waste of a day.

Monday we were both much better which was a good job as we had an invite for drinks and bacon butties at our friend’s house, another annual event. So we got up bright and early, did some shopping (more on that another time, we have some great new boating gadgets) and head off for drinks. It wasn’t long before the drink was flowing and by 6pm we were ready to head back for home and grab some dinner. We eventually settled on eating in Harbour City, the Chinese restaurant opposite our mooring. Yet again we had a great meal with excellent service despite not booking in advance. Then it was time to hit the sack and get ready for the start of work again.

Needless to say we felt like rubbish yesterday but we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday from start to end.

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